Telly Awards

(2013) "The Twin Lights of The Navesink Highlands"

(2011) "Rockingham: The Road to Peace"

(2008) "Historic Griggstown, Then and Now"

Film Festival - Screenwriting Awards

(1999)  Award of Achievement for Exceptional Screenwriting - "The Test."

New York Magazine / NYU First Run Film Festival  (FRFF)

FDP Profile

Flickering Duck Productions


Owner: Peter Frintrup

Documentation: IMDB

Clients: Dolby, Variety, Focus Features, TCG, PDG, Hanergy, Source Audio, Alpha Music Libraries, Ent. Insight, Dexcom, CEA

Awards & Recognition

Festival Screenings & Awards

(2017) "The Power of One" PSA - Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) - Winner

(2016) "The Pledge of Allegiance" - Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) - Winner

(2014) "The Millstone Valley Scenic Byway" - Garden State Film Festival (GSFF)

(2013) "The Twin Lights of the Navesink Highlands"  - Garden State Film Festival (GSFF)

(2011) "Rockingham: The Road to Peace" - Princeton University Historical Society (PUHS)

(2002) "The Test" - Anthology Film Archives NYC (AFA)

(1999) "The Test" - New York Magazine - NYU - First Run Film Festival (FRFF)

Planning, Knowledge, Cinematography, Sound Recording, Design, Art Direction, Editing, Visual Effects, Mixing, Mastering, Delivery... Details like these can make or break a promo, film, video, or any message. When done right, they make the audience understand your message effortlessly.


At Flickering Duck Producktions, our goal is to take your personal or professional; story, message, or directive and make sure that it is delivered at a high technical level, with the best storytelling and communication. This ensures an entertaining, solid, marketable message that has one thing at its core - your message - fully realized!

Flickering Duck: Our Focus is You!